Why Work With Us?

We're a friendly team experienced in delivering UK leading outdoor programmes - but how do you know what to actually expect? We aim to give you an idea below...

Experts in the outdoors

As outdoor professionals, there are a number of important factors that we would look for if we were choosing to book a course or work with an outdoor provider.

Read our 'Top 10' things to look for and how we deliver them to get an insight into the way we work and how we can help.

10 Things to Look For in an Outdoor Provider



While safety must underpin all decisions that we make about your programme, we draw on our experience and systems to ensure that what you do remains as adventurous, challenging and authentic as you would like.

Our directors and core instructors are all Mountaineering Instructors and act as technical advisers both to Adventure Expeditions and other outdoor organisations - you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

Adventure Expeditions holds a number of safety accreditations and keeps on top of industry news, updates and lessons learned to remain current and at the forefront of outdoor safety learning. We manage the risks of your programme to ensure that your well-being is paramount.

Instructors on the hill are supported by our 24 hour on-call back-up system.

Safety and Quality Assurance at AE

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To get the most out of your time with us, we know that it is important that we tailor your programme specifically to your aims and aspirations. In short, the experience is all about what you are aiming for and this matters to us.

Everyone is different. We work with a wide range of groups and individuals and often put in place innovative solutions in order to help participants achieve success.

As a team, we aim to make your experience stress-free and relaxed. We limit the number of participants that we work with at any given time to ensure that you receive the attention that your programme deserves.

Quality Assurance

We are proud of the quality of our programmes but we are obviously biased! To help reassure you that we take quality seriously, we hold a number of quality accreditations including:

  • Learning Outside the Classroom quality badge;
  • Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres Gold Standard mark;
  • DofE Approved Activity Provider;
  • DofE Business Approved Activity Provider;
  • Adventure Activities Licensing Service (AALS) licence;
  • AAIAC Adventure Mark.

By providing a quality service, we experience strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients that are based on an understanding of your needs and continually evolving with feedback.

Safety & Quality Assurance


Experience really matters in balancing risks and benefits - to ensure that everyone stays safe but also so that we can take advantage of the proven benefits of outdoor adventure.

Our team is chosen for both their experience and approachability. All instructors that work with Adventure Expeditions are qualified to a minimum level of Summer Mountain Leader with the majority holding higher qualifications in practice.

Instructors also hold outdoor specific first aid qualifications, enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks and we ask that they are members of the relevant outdoor professional body for the qualifications that they hold - this ensure that they undertake regular continuing professional development relevant to their work with Adventure Expeditions.

Meet Our Team

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Maximising Value

Cost is a really important factor to many people looking for outdoor programmes. For any given programme we aim to maximise value for money without any compromise to quality or safety - you will therefore find our prices higher than some but lower than many.

Either way, we price programmes to maximise value and reflect this in the quality of our safety systems and delivery. Any profits are redirected into our Not-For-Profit aims of widening participation in outdoor activities.





By virtue of the quality of programmes that we provide and the success of the courses that we run, Adventure Expeditions has been able to move to become a Not-For-Profit organisation - all year end profits are made available to meet our aim of widening participation of young people in the outdoors.

This aim also helps us to focus on quality and maximising value for you across all programmes - rather than being driven by sales or profit targets, we concentrate on what makes a programme work best.

Supporting people is important to us.

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Hear From Others...

We've gathered together some of the feedback that we have received from individuals, parents and leaders following their programmes to give you an idea of what to expect and how we might be able to help.

Hear From Others



Have questions? Just let us know...

If you have any questions then we'd love to chat them through with you. Give us a call, email us or check out our Knowledgebase - a section packed with information, FAQs and thoughts from past participants.

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