Overseas DofE Expeditions

Taking your pupils overseas for their DofE expedition is an extremely rewarding experience. We offer a range of adventurous locations that are different and focus on balancing time and cost. All destinations are designed to be challenging for participants but stress-free to arrange for leaders.

Going Overseas for DofE

We appreciate that the thought of sorting out an overseas expedition can often feel overwhelming - either in terms of logistics, time or paperwork. This has traditionally been a huge barrier for teaching staff who already have many time commitments. We'd therefore like to help you regain the excitement of planning an overseas expedition and make things truly stress-free.

During our first overseas expeditions, we did not anticipate the lasting impact that these programmes would have on students, school staff and our instructors alike. The challenges and problem-solving that teams take on each day can have a profound effect and to see individuals grow in confidence and teams pull together is a real privilege.

You choose your programme length, location, dates, level of challenge and how you'd like to spend any free time at the end of the expedition. All programmes are led by qualified International Mountain Leaders.

Overseas Locations

Tailor-made adventures in unique, beautiful locations.

Overseas Locations

Designing Your Programme

As with our UK expedition programmes, after your initial contact we like to come into school to meet staff and go through your requirements in detail. We can then put together a programme that fits exactly what you and your students would like best. If your group needs to complete a practice expedition before heading overseas for the qualifying venture, we can help arrange this - see DofE for Schools.

All overseas trips that we run include a training day in school (or training weekend in the hills if more appropriate) where we cover all additional training appropriate to the area that you are travelling to, complete all route planning, hold a parents meeting so that any questions can be answered in full and paperwork completed (including issuing comprehensive Expedition Information Packs to individuals) and students can get excited planning different elements of their trip.

Following the training sessions, we bring all paperwork back to our base to ensure that everything is in order, complete DofE paperwork (e.g. Blue Forms for submission to DofE Head Office to make the expedition official) and put in place the final logistics ready for the excitement of departure!

Your adventure awaits...

To find out more about what we offer and to book a place for your students, contact us today!

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Real Value - No Hidden Costs

Adventure Expeditions works with different groups to provide a range of expeditions outside of the UK each year, including for DofE. Whatever the aim, all programmes are designed to be inspiring, visit beautiful and genuinely different locations and represent real value for money.

Our transparent pricing policy means that you know exactly how much each participant has to pay from the outset - there are no hidden extras.

Costs for tailor-made overseas programmes are £65.00 - £70.00 per person, per day depending on location - areas such as Switzerland means that prices are slightly higher than some other areas due to the current exchange rates but we always offer the best value for money that we possibly can.

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What's Included?

All AE overseas expedition prices include:

  • Comprehensive pre-expedition information pack and resources for participants;
  • Completion of all paperwork required for your DofE Operating Authority and Expedition Panels (including DofE Blue Forms);
  • Full UK training sessions including route planning and parents session if appropriate;
  • International Mountain Leaders to run your programme;
  • DofE Accredited Assessors for all qualifying expedition teams – no additional assessment fees to pay;
  • Free use of high quality group equipment: tents, stoves, fuel for stoves, pots and pans, maps, first aid kits, group shelters;
  • Accommodation costs during your programme and transfer costs to/from arrival airport to your expedition location in most locations;
  • Post expedition reviews with participants, assessment of presentations, full expedition reports signed by DofE Accredited Assessors;
  • Financial peace of mind with comprehensive Package Travel Regulations insurance.

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What You Need to Arrange

  • Travel to/from the expedition start point – we help with full information and logistics. We ask that you arrange your own flights though as this avoids having to pay additional flight bonding charges if we book them for you;
  • Personal insurance for participants – all participants are required to hold cover for medical and repatriation purposes. Schools often have policies in place that cover students but we can point you in the right direction if needed (costs are approx. £30.00pp for 8 days including European trekking cover);
  • Personal kit – we provide a comprehensive kit list and go through this fully during training sessions;
  • Expedition food – many participants choose to purchase their expedition food in the UK before heading overseas or alternatively we can put together discounted  expedition meal pouch bundles to take out or build time into the programme to go food shopping if participants bring cash.

Safety & Backup Overseas

All AE overseas programmes are run by qualified International Mountain Leaders. This qualification is a legal requirement for leaders running trips in France, Switzerland and Italy and acts as a guide for the standard of expertise that is expected elsewhere. Using qualified and experienced instructors means that we can maximise the safety of your students without compromising on the adventure and authenticity of what your students experience.

All participants are given full briefings and training in emergency procedures for their chosen location and carry Expedition Safety Cards specific to their expedition country that act as an ‘aide memoire’ in the event of an emergency.

Back in the UK, the Adventure Expeditions HQ acts to coordinate all expedition operations and provide support to leaders in the field, 24/7. For more information on how we manage safety and the licences, quality badges and insurance that we hold, please click below.

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Learning Opportunities & R&R

Being on expedition overseas can offer a range of learning opportunities both linked to the curriculum and personal development. In keeping with our Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge, we are keen to maximise the experience of each participant on expedition programmes and can work with you to identify links with the National Curriculum or personal development options in your chosen location.

We aim to build in at least a little bit of time for R&R at the end of an expedition before travelling home - this gives groups a chance to reflect while gaining some much needed rest and well deserved ice creams! If you or your students would like to visit particular sights or take part in activities then just let us know.


Safety & Quality Assurance

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Safety & Quality Assurance