Why Do DofE?

The chances are that you’re already enrolled on a DofE programme if you’re looking here but read below for some of the great benefits that taking part in a DofE award can bring…

  • What is so good about the Duke of Edinburgh's Award?

    “The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is for all young people, regardless of their background or circumstances…we hear about the number of young people out of work, education or training on a daily basis and I believe the DofE has never been more relevant. We know that people look for the DofE on young people’s CVs, it could help them get that essential first job.”  HRH, The Countess of Wessex

    The good thing is that it’s a totally personal programme – designed for you, by you. You get to do things that you’re interested in and that you think are worthwhile. You might be doing things that already count towards DofE or you fancy taking up something completely new. Either way, you’re guaranteed to meet new people, help others, develop your skills in a whole range of ways and have a laugh. Plus you get the benefits below in return…..

  • How might I benefit from taking part in DofE?

    In 2007, the DofE Award (funded by the Pears Foundation) undertook research into the impact that awards have on young people and their futures. The results were impressive:

    • 84% had totally new experiences;
    • 81% were generally more motivated;
    • 69% found new interests and hobbies;
    • 80% gained a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses;
    • 71% increased their self-belief;
    • 93% felt they’d improved their teamwork skills;
    • 69% felt less bored as a result of DofE;
    • 84% improved their decision-making skills;
    • 76% stated that they were now better at sticking to tasks and seeing them through;
    • 75% said they’d gained new friends.
  • How can DofE help make me more employable?

    The United Learning Trust recently published results of a major survey representing 12% of all UK employers. Employers were asked about their selection criteria for new employees. The results showed that the key attributes employers looked for were leadership, teamwork, self-motivation, communication, confidence, consideration and the ability to learn – all of which you gain from doing the DofE Expedition section alone. 76% emphasised the importance of “life skills” before entering the workplace.

    When asked what employers thought was the most important activity undertaken at school, the DofE Award came out top of the list, ranking more important than sporting activities, community activities and work experience. Some organisations will even equate holding the Gold Award to an A-Level.

    “These results are obviously a great endorsement of the benefits that participating in a DofE programme can provide for a person’s employability prospects.”   The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

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