Inspiring Overseas Locations

Whether you fancy experiencing the heights of the beautiful Tatra Mountains, the remote wilderness surrounding the highest Norwegian peaks, or soaking up the 300 days of sunshine a year in Haute Provence, we're confident that we've got some exciting adventures ready for you or can help you create your own.

Tatra Mountains - Poland & Slovakia

A little known gem yet a truly fantastic area that is easily accessible from the UK - trek in the beautiful hills, forests and mountain passes while exploring the Tatra Mountains. If you're keen for culture and stunning scenery, the mountains of Poland and Slovakia will not disappoint.

The Tatra give a great way to see a quieter and more remote landscape with different languages, tasty food and basic refuges perched high in the mountains to stay in. You might like to take a cable car to the heart of the mountains to acclimatise and explore the local supermarkets to stock up on tasty expedition supplies. Spend time after your expedition exploring the wonderful city of Krakow, a day visiting Auschwitz, exploring the cathedral sized Wieliczka salt mines or simply staying in the mountains a little longer.

After experiencing Poland and Slovakia we are confident that you will see why the area has become one of our most popular overseas areas with schools returning to the Tatra year after year.

Best time of year to go: July, August, early September

Julian Alps - Slovenia

Nestled among sparkling lakes, crystal clear rivers, pointy limestone peaks and vibrant little alpine towns, the Julian Alps of Slovenia are a real mecca for walkers and a stunning place to complete an expedition. When planning your route you have a good amount of choice depending on what your team would like to see, the level of challenge you would all like to undertake and what your interests are.

You will spend your days walking between basic mountain refuges or 'doms' to stay in each night, linked by great trails. The landscape offers famously stunning views, crisp mountain air, awe-inspiring gorges with unbelievably blue water and the famed mountains of the Triglav National Park.

After your expedition, relax at one of the National Park's many sparkling lakes, enjoy some outdoor activities or explore the beautiful town of Bled with it's famous lake and cream cake - a perfect way to celebrate your expedition! Whatever your interests, Slovenia is a stunning destination to visit on expedition and easily accessed from UK airports.

Best time of year to go: July, August

Haute Provence - France

If you're looking for a slightly more chilled out expedition through beautiful hills that get over 300 days of sunshine each year, Provence is the one!

An area with a great mix of alpine and Mediterranean cultures, with hilltop villages and chateau to explore and mountain peaks rising out of the hills including the mighty Mont Ventoux of Tour de France fame. Don't be fooled that you won't be able to take on a challenge here if you're keen for one - several teams have chosen to summit this mountain during their expedition while others have opted to admire it from afar and stick to journeying through the foothills.

Either way, blue skies are (normally!) guaranteed.

Best time of year to go: Easter, May half-term, October half-term.

Joutenheimen - Norway

'The Land of the Giants'! - Norway cannot fail to disappoint if you would like to head in search of beautiful open spaces, picturesque fjords and the chance to experience an expedition with an emphasis on self-reliance, solitude and wild camping among the high mountains.

An expedition to Norway is truly unique: beautiful wild camps, peaks to summit after the expedition with our instructors if you wish to, a chance to feel totally away from it all and absorb this stunning country. With in-country expenses tending to be on the high side compared to the UK, we dedicate planning time to looking at the supplies that we take with us and ensure that expedition food is part of our packing list so that you don't have to worry.

If you are looking for wilderness and beauty, we're sure that you won't want to leave the Land of the Giants at the end of your expedition.

Best time of year to go: July, August

Pyrenean Beauty - France & Spain

Situated on the border between France and Spain, the Pyrenees are a beautiful and accessible mountain range (from the foothills through to the summits) in which to complete an expedition - and a great way to practice your French and Spanish if you wish!

Alpine meadows full of wild flowers, small hamlets and villages, dramatic snowy and rocky peaks towering above you and lots of wildlife to see. The Pyrenees offer the opportunity to experience a beautiful mountain landscape while escaping some of the crowds of the more popular alpine areas - with endless terrain opportunities, choose the level of challenge that's right for your expedition team. A stunning area with culture included.

Best time of year to go: June, July, August, early September

Transylvanian Alps - Romania

The Transylvanian Alps are often described as one of the last true wilderness areas of Europe - home to an amazing diversity of alpine flowers and animals that we aim to spot on expedition: wild boar, stags, black chamois, deer, fox and lynx...amazing!

The Transylvanian Alps have a great range of terrain waiting for you with stunning ridges, lush mountain forests and meadows to cross, medieval villages, sparking streams and...the castle of Bran, home to the mystical and fangtastic Count Dracula.

We have found Romania to be fantastic for trekking - wilderness and stunning scenery with a great dose of culture, tasty food and so many things to see and experience. There is the opportunity to finish your expedition with a day in the city of Bucharest, also known as the 'Paris of eastern Europe', with its blend of cultures and offering sightseeing, shopping, cafe hopping or just generally relaxing and taking it all in.

Best time of year to go: July, August

Bernese Oberland - Switzerland

A fantastic blend of mountains, alpine meadows with carpets of flowers and traditional alpine village life, the Bernese Oberland allows you to explore some quieter areas of the region before arriving traversing the slopes of the famous giant mountains of the Eiger, Jungfrau and Monch.

Witness first-hand the Valley of Waterfalls as they tumble down around you, see where James Bond was filmed and take in the scene of countless mountaineering epics and tragedies on the Eiger 'Nordwand' far above you. Breathtaking.

Best time of year to go: June, July, August

Land of Fire & Ice - Iceland

If Norway is the 'Land of Giants' then Iceland is the 'Land of Fire and Ice'. Beautiful open landscapes dotted with thermal pools, spouting geysers, rising steam and giant waterfalls await in Iceland.

Expeditions of all level of challenge work well here and together with accessible flights from the UK and thermal pools to relax tired legs post-expedition, Iceland gives a fantastic all-round expedition experience that really is different.

Best time of year to go: July, August

Atlas Mountains - Morocco

A huge change in climate and culture yet only a short flight away from the UK. Morocco gives a great opportunity to explore the Atlas Mountains, trekking through small Berber villages and sampling the local Moroccan sweet mint tea (watch the locals pour it into your cup from a great height!) and extremely tasty tagines both before and after your expedition.

The Atlas mountains are just North of the Sahara and as such have a desert-like climate themselves: hot, sunny days in Summer with cold desert nights as the clear skies let the heat of the day escape away. In Winter the snows arrive and Jebel Toubkal, the highest peak in northern Africa, is blanketed in snow.

R&R after your expedition can be as varied as you'd like to make it - take a visit to the Sahara, head to the coast to watch world class surf breaks (there are beginner beaches if you'd like to have a go!), give your time to a local community project or explore the sultry souks of Marrakech to stock up on souvenirs, haggle for bargains, watch snake charmers or experience a traditional 'hammam'.

Best time of year to go: End of June, September, October half-term

Isle of Arran - Scotland

Ok, so we know this isn't technically overseas but we guarantee that it will feel like it! With incredibly good transport links and a short ferry ride where wildlife spotting can begin with keeping a look out for basking sharks, dolphins and seals, arriving on Arran feels like you are heading on an expedition with a difference.

The wildlife doesn't stop there as your expedition can take you into areas to spot golden eagles, otters and rare whitebeam trees. The geology and scenery of Arran won't disappoint either - from the pointy Goatfell down to the sandy beaches and wooded areas of the South, Arran is a real gem and your chance to be a castaway for a little while.

If you have a day or two after your expedition ends and would like to explore more, there are lots of options: head out otter spotting, take a short boat ride over to neighbouring Holy Isle and see seals along the way or hang out in Brodick and sample local fish and chips and write some postcards home.

Arran is one of our firm favourites and we return here many times each year - it definitely feels as though you're overseas!

Best time of year to go: April to October

Where Would You Like To Go?

Some locations may be more appropriate at certain times of the year because of climate or snow cover on the ground which may influence your choice if you have specific dates in mind - get in touch if you would like to discuss which location might work best for you.

Fancy heading somewhere that we haven't listed? We are always open to different ideas and options - if you would like to go there chances are that others will too and we can look at how best to make the programme work for you. All locations are recced by us to ensure quality, safety and that you can achieve the aims that you have.

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