GCSE and BTEC Modules

Stress-free, flexible solutions for GCSE and BTEC modules - tailored to meet the needs of your students and exam board. Motivating sessions and experienced instructors to help students achieve their potential.

GCSE Rock Climbing

Rock climbing continues as an option for students after the 2017 cuts in outdoor activities that are available for GCSE PE and Adventure Expeditions are well placed to deliver structured programmes with experienced staff and extensive location knowledge to help students achieve their potential.

Courses are tailored to meet the requirements of both students and your exam board and sessions are structured to ensure that all the evidence that you need is gained during your time with us.

Courses are generally two days in length and can be delivered over a weekend or weekdays with an overnight stay, as two individual day sessions or a series of shorter sessions to suit. You choose the format and your preferred location and we tailor the rest.

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BTEC Sport & Public Services

Having expertise to run high quality units for all aspects of BTEC courses can sometimes prove challenging. There is significant variation in the needs of the organisations that we work with and we therefore remain flexible to planning exciting and challenging sessions around your needs. Across all programmes, we ensure that personal development is key: teamwork, leadership and fun are central themes to motivate and inspire learners.

Each student receives individual attention during their programme with reviews, debriefs and mentoring throughout to help them achieve their potential.

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