Residentials for Schools

Inspire your pupils far beyond their time with us. Following the Learning Away principles for 'Brilliant Residentials' we offer high value, tailor-made programmes for all ages: Year 3 to college leavers.

Brilliant Residentials made easier

Learning Away was originally founded and developed by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to develop, pilot and evaluate 'the impact of residential experiences as an integral part of the curriculum' on the learning, achievement and well-being of young people.

Learning Away worked with 60 partner schools over 5 years to develop the criteria for high-quality residential learning that make a 'Brilliant Residential' including:

  • integrated with the school curriculum and ethos;
  • inclusive and affordable for all students;
  • collaboratively planned to meet student learning needs and reinforce learning back in school;
  • designed to include new and memorable experiences;
  • rigorously evaluated.

Adventure Expeditions have pledged support to create Brilliant Residentials and life-changing opportunities as set out by Learning Away.


Planning and Affordability

These form the cornerstones of ensuring that your residential has maximum impact. We work with you and your pupils (if appropriate) to plan a residential programme that embeds into aspects of your curriculum, includes fun and memorable activities and ensures that individual needs are all accounted for.

Importantly, we ensure that the residential represents value for money and is affordable to your pupils. Our not-for-profit aims allow us to offer bursaries to individuals or your programme as a whole to ensure that affordability is met for all.

We operate a transparent pricing policy so that you know exactly how much the programme will cost from the start - there are no hidden extras.


Safety & Staffing

Safety is of primary importance on all of our programmes. We work hard to ensure that pupils can experience authentic adventures and educate them on hazard perception and assessing risk as part of the sessions that we deliver, giving valuable insight to take back into everyday life. Full details of our safety credentials, licences and quality assurance information can be found here.

We recognise that planning a residential can often feel daunting when there are already so many demands on your time as a teacher. From working with a variety of schools and groups, we have developed a planning strategy that is designed to make the process as stress-free for leaders as possible so that you can focus on the benefits that you would like your residential to bring to pupils, both during their time with us and back in the classroom afterwards.


What, Where, When?

Some key information to consider and chat through with us:

What would you like to do? Rock climbing, abseiling, caving, orienteering, first aid training, treasure hunts, weaselling, camp fire building, camping, night walks, nature identification, foraging, camp stove cooking, conservation activities, undertake the John Muir Award, team games, nature art and sculptures...let us know any activities that you would like us to include or ideas for those you would like to develop.

Where would you like to go? Would you like to stay close to home to reduce travel costs? Travel by public transport? Visit a new or wild area? We operate in locations that meet your aims and that work best for you.

When would you like to go? You choose the dates that are right for your group.


Your adventure awaits...

Get in touch to discuss your programme or call us on 01433 651449 - our friendly team in the office will be happy to chat through your requirements and answer any questions.

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